About Carwash Gift Card Network

90% consumers

“90% of consumers who receive a gift card from a small business they have never visited, say they would shop at that business and return there in the future!’’

This is what motivated us to create “The Carwash Gift Card”! This is no ordinary gift card that you buy for and from the same Carwash location. This is an industry standard Carwash Gift Card, which will be sold at all Carwash locations and can be redeemed at any and all Carwash and Detail service providers nationwide! Yes, you heard right, one universal Carwash Gift Card, which can be redeemed at all professional Carwash and Detail Service providers!

We are a family of Carwash operators, that love what we do and love clean and shiny beautiful cars! We believe car washes and detail services make great practical and useful gifts for all occasions.

Our Vision

One Gift Card, Good at any Carwash Anywhere!

Our Mission

To make the giving and receiving of car washes and detail services as gifts to anyone across town or across the country easier and much more efficient!


Order your Carwash Gift Online Today and Send either a physical or a digital card to anyone within the United States. Everyone loves a clean car!

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