How it Works?


Consumers can buy and send physical or digital Carwash and Detail Service Gift Cards to anyone across town or across the country that are guaranteed to be redeemable at any professionally registered Carwash and Detail Service Provider.

The Carwash Gift Card can be purchased and activated online at or your location Carwash, Gas Stations, or select retail locations. The recipient of the Gift Card can redeem their Carwash Gift Card at any professional Carwash and detail service provider. The redeeming service provider can easily check the balance of the card on our Virtual Terminal and Redeem the amount to service the customer. The service will have the option to receive their funds in a number of different ways, as they are now part of the largest Carwash Gift Card Network!

The selling carwash is happy that it was able to serve its customer provide a gift to their family and family from outside their local area. The redeeming carwash is happy to gain new customer and most of all, we all were able to grow our industry by helping our customers give and receive a great practical and useful gift!


Send a Carwash Gift Card online today! Send either a physical or a digital gift card to anyone, anywhere nationwide! Everyone loves a nicely washed and clean car!

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