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Welcome to our API service, designed to seamlessly integrate with your applications and websites. Our APIs empower you to offer a range of functionalities, from user registration and authentication to managing gift cards and digital payments. With secure token-based authentication, you can access our services and ensure data privacy. Explore endpoints for user creation, gift card transactions, and more, all designed to enhance user experiences and streamline your processes. Refer to our comprehensive documentation for detailed usage instructions and example requests, ensuring a smooth integration of our services into your digital ecosystem.

Note IMP

“Make sure to Read the documentation carefully for Request & Response Json for the API call’’

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We Provide our API serivices , which can be used from anywhere , Make Sure When Sending Any GET Request to use one of our services , Add these in request Header :
i) Authorization = GiftCard
ii) Token = {user-token}
iii) Email = {user-email}

Accounts and membership

If you create an account on the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with it. We may, but have no obligation to, monitor and review new accounts before you may sign in and start using the Services.

You can Register to Our Service by visting the Page “Register for Services” and Creating an Account , from which you will Recieve a unique token which you can find in your profile page and use that to use any of our services out there

Get giftcard Detail API

This is used to get the Giftcard Details , which you have with you!

To access our services through a GET request, please ensure you follow these steps:
Authorization Header: Include the Authorization header in your request with the value set to "GiftCard".
Token Header: Add a Token header with the token generated during user registration or login. This token serves as the access key to our services.
Email Header: Add a Email header with the User Email. This Email serves as the access key to our services.
Here's an example of how to structure your request for retrieving gift card details:
Method: GET
URL: https://carwashgiftcard.com/api-service/get-gift-card

Request Header

eg: Giftcard Number:1235847455, Token:sdedsfe34fdsfg, email:test@api.com
Authorization: GiftCard Token: sdedsfe34fdsfg Email:test@api.com GiftcardNumber:1235847455 API call : https://carwashgiftcard.com/api-service/get-gift-card

Response Json

{ "giftCardNumber": "49552665552", "senderName": "John Doe", "receiverName": "Alice Smith", "amount": 100.00, // other details... }

Error While API call

“Error Can Happen any time ” Make sure to add the request header as per the documentation and add the correct URL with correct giftcard Number wiht it

Bad Request Error

{ "Title": "BadRequest", "ErrorMessage": "authorizationHeader is not Provided", "StatusCode": 400 }

Unauthorized Error

{ "Title": "Unauthorized", "ErrorMessage": "Incorrect AuthorizationHeader", "StatusCode": 401 }